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The treatment aspect of Kalarippayat developed with the very evolution of the martial art. Accidents were commonplace in the kalari during practice, and the master or Gurukkal had to double up as the resident physician to get his students back on their feet. Intimate knowledge of the muscles, veins and the marmas helped the master in this evolution. Slowly, people outside the Kalari started approaching the master for cure for the muscle and joint ailments. There is no other stream of treatment as evolved or as inclusive as the Kalari treatment. Today it incorporates beneficial aspects of Ayurveda and Yoga in the treatment. And, because of this flexibility, it is probably the most effective treatment for modern lifestyle diseases such as spondylosis, slipped disc and lower back pain.

Kalariuzichil or Kalarithirummu or massage is done primarily with the feet using medicinal herbs and potions. Applying adequate amount of pressure on the marmas or pressure points, this form of massage gives the body, youthfulness, lightness and a certain glow. These days you can also see the hand massage increasingly being used in the kalari form of treatment.

Primarily, there are three different types of massage in the Kalari way: Kachathirummu, Sukhathirummu, and Rakshathirummu.


This is meant for kalari practitioners and sportspersons. It makes the body light and makes it flexible.


It relieves the body of the many afflictions, and helps protect it from many diseases. People undergoing Rakshathirummu, will have to adhere to strict dietary regulations, and will have to be under medication.


It helps relieve you from the many tensions your body and mind are being subjected to. In short it relaxes your body and mind, and rejuvenates you.
As mentioned earlier, Kalari treatment has adopted certain aspects of Ayurveda, and Panchakarma is an integral part of Kalari treatment today.


It is an accepted form of treatment for rheumatic ailments. There are several types of vasti treatment. Udaravasti involves putting medicines into your stomach through the anus and cleaning the tummy. This has been proven as immensely beneficial for all sorts of rheumatic ailments and back pain. Kadiivasti is especially helpful for those with lower back pain and greevavasti for those with cervical problems. Other types of vastiinclude:Matravasti, Januvasti and Uttaravasti.


It involves taking medicinal liquids through the nose, and it has been provedefficient in tackling phlegm and sinus related ailments, besides facial paralysis and cervical problems. It also stimulates the central nervous system.


It involves the continuous circulation of liquefied medicine to the forehead of the patient to relieve him of neurotic disorders, sleeplessness, memory loss and stress-related illnesses. Thailam (herbal medicinal fluid), Thakaram (buttelmilk fortified with gooseberry concentrate) and Ksheeram (milk) are used for dhara based on the nature of the disease.

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