Religion. Philosophy. Way of life. Magic cure for all sorts of lifestyle illnesses. A way to keep your mind and body superbly tuned. Yoga has been described in myriad ways by its masters and practitioners, but to put it simply, the pre-Vedic Indian tradition denotes the yoking of body and mind. Yoga is practised in several forms across the world, but the most popular one and easy to follow is Hatha Yoga. At Kshetra Kalari, we practice and teach the Hatha Yoga. Welcome to the world of wellness with Yoga Master John Mathew.

About Us

We, at Kshetra Kalari, are skilled practitioners of this secretive and revered martial arts form. Trained under the legendary E.P. Vasudeva Gurukkal, we follow the more evolved Vadakkan style of Kalarippayattu.With fully equipped learning and healing  Read More

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